Our Humpty Dumpty climate change campaign: by Bruce Calhoun, President of Save the Rainforest

Just about everybody knows Humpty Dumpty's story and pictures him as an inoffensive egg-person who is very fragile, falls off a wall and is impossible to put back together. Our planet is at a Humpty Dumpty moment. It, like Humpty, has a very fragile outer shell - a paper thin atmosphere that for now is still life-friendly. That thiness makes Earth vulnerable, and since the advent of the industrial revolution our greenhouse emissions have triggered rapid climate change. If we don't mend our ways Earth may fall off the proverbial wall and never recover - at least not in our lifetime. The similarities between Humpty and Earth is why we are calling our campaign to mitigate climate change the Humpty Dumpty Campaign. This campaign will help save the Amazon by funding indigenous forest protection intiatives; and this is important because about 15% or our greenhouse gases come from deforestation in the Tropics. An example of an indigenous foundation that we are supporting is the Yakum Foundation - Below is our campaign graphic/text.

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