From the Road: Quesopa! Day 7

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The students and I are having an epic time out here in Embera Village and Bocas del Toro in Panama. Every day brings countless new and exciting adventures, but I have managed to narrow down and highlight some of the trip favorites!

Here are my Top 7... so far

1) All-day super dense, difficult and muddy rainforest trek to hidden and massive waterfall on indigenous lands -

Best Swimming Ever!

2) Monkeys, birds, frogs, lizards, tapir, ocelot, and giant anteater paw prints, literally hundreds of crocodiles and caiman, soooo much wildlife

3) Journey in a tippy dug-out canoe to the indigenous Embera village - where we lived simply and beautifully with our new friends

4) Exploring the caves below the tropical forest with our Embera friends

5) Hiking to massive (HUGE) Ceiba Tree - the “mother tree” - the biggest tree I’ve ever seen!

6) Flight out to Bocas where we're staying at a breezy inn

Literally right on the water!

7) Boating all around the reefs and mangroves in search of the best snorkeling

Of course I am having the best time, but what I love most is seeing the students open up to new things and gaining courage, life skills, and street smarts.


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