From the Road: Groovin' and Growin' in Costa Rica's Mangrove Forest

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

ASOPEZ Project Leads Mangrove Restoration

Mangroves are my favorite type of forest. They soak up to 45% more carbon than other types of trees, and they prevent coastal erosion which is important as global sea levels rise. The web of mangrove root systems provide cool and nutrient-rich waters, which give rise to a complex and interwoven land and aquatic ecosystem of fish, shellfish, crabs, birds, and humans too

Costa Rica recognizes the value of Mangrove Forests and does not allow any coastal land (50 meters) to be privatized or developed. My guide Nacho Escorriola introduced me to the amazing women leaders of the ASOPEZ Project, which started 10 years ago and has planted thousands of mangrove seeds - supporting the sustainable fishing industry in the Gulfo de Dulce.

When properly sustained, these biodiverse ecosystems provide a source of food and protection that reaches far beyond the immediate area of the mangrove forest.

I love this project. Positive action to fight climate change and help our fellow citizens on this planet is what Save the Rainforest, Inc. is all about! I can’t wait to bring students here to learn and plant mangroves with them.

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