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Belize Itinerary

2022 Trip Schedule. 

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Trip Type A: 11-day La Milpa/Glovers Reef

Trip Type B: 8-day La Milpa, Hill Bank

1. June 9-14 La Milpa, June 14-19 Glovers (A)

2. June 20-25 La Milpa, June 25-30 Glovers (A)

3. July 1-8 La Milpa & Hill Bank (B)

4. July 11-16 La Milpa, July 16-21 Glovers (A) - Fully Reserved - Elmwood High School

5. June 20-27 La Milpa & Hill Bank (B)

6. July 29-August 25 La Milpa & Hill Bank (B)

Trip Type A Itinerary

Day 1: (Dinner)

Arrival and pickup at International Airport in Belize City.  Three hour bus ride to La Milpa Field Station.  Welcome and settling into living quarters.  Dinner.   Orientation to La Milpa Field Station and Programme for Belize.

Day 2: (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)

Early morning birding (optional).  Breakfast.  Introduction and course outline and expectations.  Intro to Tropics and the Rainforest.  Lunch.   Tropical forest observation activity and tropical forest observation on Mahogany Trail.  Discussion.  Dinner.  Presentation on Belizean Fauna. Night Hike/Spotting. Overnight at La Milpa

Day 3: (B,L,D)

Early morning birding (optional).  Breakfast.  Introduction to field botany and tree identification on Bajo Trail - self-exploration.  Lunch.  Introduction to Scientific Sampling Methods. Group ecology projects.  Dinner.  Introduction to Maya History and Culture/Archaeology presentation. Overnight at La Milpa.

Day 4: (B,L,D)

Early morning birding (optional).  Breakfast. Tour of La Milpa Archaeology Site. Lunch. Visit to Archaeology Laboratory (Texas Camp). Tour of Medicinal Garden and trail hike.  Dinner.  Presentation on Cultures of Belize. Overnight at La Milpa.

Day 5: (B,L,D)

Breakfast. Visit Lamanai Archaeological Site. Picnic Lunch.  Afternoon visit to Museum and purchase crafts. Depart from Lamanai and transfer back to La Milpa.  Swimming en-route to La Milpa – Optional.  Dinner.  Post course evaluation and Belizean farewell night. Overnight at La Milpa.

Day 6: (B,L,D)

Breakfast. Depart for Belize City.  Land transfer to Sittee River Marina.   Boat transfer from Sittee River Marina  to Glovers Reef (1.5 hours).  Welcome and Orientation.  Dinner. Overnight Accommodations at Glovers Reef Research Station. 

Day 7*: (B,L,D)
Breakfast.  Snorkel gear check, lessons in shallow water for beginners.  Island birds. Lunch. .Snorkel grass beds. Activity - identification of algae, coral, fish and invertebrates. Dinner. Accommodations at Glovers Reef Research Station.

Day 8*: (B,L,D)  
Breakfast. Snorkel patch reef. Lunch. Work project begins (The group leader in consultation with the station manager and Glovers Research Station staff will determine what kind of project to undertake). Dinner. Overnight accommodations at Glover's Reef Research Station.

Day 9*: (B,L,D)
Breakfast. Boat trip to study mangroves, patch reef and fore reef. Lunch.  Project work. Dinner & Overnight Accommodations at Glovers Reef Research Station.

Day 10*: (B,L,D)  
Breakfast. Visit to Man-O -War Caye Bird Sanctuary. Snorkel sink holes and
Tobacco Caye. Lunch. Invertebrate study. Gift Shop. Pre-departure cleanup. Dinner. Work project presentations. Certificates and Belizean Party.  Overnight Accommodations at Glovers Reef Research Station.

Day 11: (B)  
Breakfast at Glovers then boat transfer from Glovers to Sittee River Marina . Land transfer to Belize International Airport to take flight homebound.

*Boat, safety officer and boat captain are at your disposal for up to 5 hours per day.  Please plan the duration of your boat activities with staff  keeping this in mind.