About Save The Rainforest

Founded by teachers and high school students in Dodgeville, Wisconsin in 1988 with the mission of saving tropical forests, Save The Rainforest was the first-of-its-kind and began by encouraging schools to raise money to purchase rainforest acres and forwarding donations to conservation and rainforest rehabilitation programs in Belize, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  

In 1990, Save The Rainforest began an innovative travel program that sent students and educators to the rainforests we were helping to save. Hundreds of the student participants have been inspired to pursue careers in conservation, research, cleantech, and education as a result of these trips. The trips have also benefited environmental organizations in Latin America, helping them to generate the revenue needed to safeguard forests.

Our beautiful mother/cub jaguar logo was designed for us in the late 1990s by Earth Theater. Jaguars are an apex predator and keystone species. The jaguar's presence in the rainforest maintains balance. Without it, there is far greater potential for ecological collapse. For more history of the group that pioneered an entire movement, download this book.


2021 marked an exciting turning point for the organization. Gravely concerned about tropical rainforest destruction as the most significant contributor to global climate change and ecological collapse, and gravely concerned about the pressures and anxiety facing our youth, many of whom feel hopeless, Andrea Luecke offered her considerable talents to guide Save The Rainforest through an exciting relaunch, refreshing its programs and goals as well as engaging students, educators, donors and partners like never before. She doubled down on her commitment by taking on the role of Executive Director of Save The Rainforest, demonstrating that she has a deep and personal connection to Save The Rainforest and is dedicated to inspiring the next generation of climate entrepreneurs and conservationists in the same way Save The Rainforest inspired her when she was in high school. 

Relaunched on World Rainforest Day 2021, Save The Rainforest is on a mission to host 10,000 additional students and educators on high-quality, life-changing, carbon-neutral rainforest trips. These trips serve as a "Master Class" in rainforest and ocean ecology, conservation, climate entrepreneurialism, culture, and life. There is no better way to prepare and empower our youth for the challenges ahead than to give them first-hand experiences that will build character and test their courage.

Through partnerships, we are also on a mission to permanently protect or rehabilitate 20,000 additional acres of rainforest land as well as support hundreds of rural and indigenous communities in their eco-tourism efforts. 

Despite progress in other areas related to climate change (i.e. getting us off of fossil fuels), rainforest are still being destroyed at record rates. We must reverse this trend in order to have a habitable Earth.

We'd love your support. By making a donation, you are helping us to expand our reach to more youth and empower them to work with us on solutions. Save The Rainforest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and donations are 100% tax-deductible.

Book a trip, sponsor a student/class, or make a donation today!

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